Galileo Vibration Therapy & Training – Basic Rules and Exercises

Your first Galileo “side-alternating” whole body vibration training session should be done with a trained practitioner and contraindications must be excluded.

  1. Beginners should always start with a narrow foot position, e. g. feet together, or at 1 to 1.5.
  2. Keep head vibration to a minimum by bending knees, bringing weight onto your toes or narrowing foot position.
  3. Do not straighten your legs when foot position is wider than 2.5.
  4. Always chose a symmetrical foot position, moving out evenly from position 0.
  5. Frequency is chosen according to your training goal.
  6. Practice all exercises slowly and consciously with intent.
 ex_b1  ex_b2  ex_b3

Squat, two legged

Upper body upright.
Arms hang down relaxed.
Deep squat very slowly –
heels stay on platform!
4 seconds downward –
4 seconds upward.

Bend forwards, bend backwards

Bend forwards, arms relaxed.
Move shoulders forward,
slowly curl upper body.
Hold this position for 10 seconds,
and then move back slowly.
Bend backwards: Press hands
against lower back.
Move upper body slowly backwards.
Hold this position for 10 seconds,
then move back slowly.

Bend sideways

Point outer arm straight upwards.
Bend upper body slowly sideways while looking forward.
Build tension from upper body to
head and arms.
Hold end positions for 4 seconds
for stretching.
Slowly move back to start position.
Repeat exercise with other side.
 ex_b4  ex_b5  ex_b6


Always keep hip facing forward and don’t rotate.
Rotate head and shoulders as far
as possible.
Hold end positions for 4 seconds
for stretching.
Take about 8 seconds to rotate
from one side to the other.

Pelvis tilt forward, backward

Place hands on hip for guidance.
Upper body upright.
Slightly flex knees.
Tilt pelvic slowly forward and
backward as far as possible.
Pubic bones towards the navel
and back.
Hold end position for 10 seconds.

Hump back, swallow back

Place arms relaxed on the handrail.
Hump back position.
Hold position for 10 seconds.
Move back slowly.Swallow back position, bend head downwards.
Hold position for 10 seconds.
Move back slowly.


Galileo Training – Basic Rules and Exercises

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