Marilyn Hamilton

MarGalileoI’ve been using a wheelchair for 35 years. Yikes! This realization got me thinking – How did I get to be 65 years old, joining the senior generation? How do I stay healthy as I age with a spinal cord injury? What should I be doing to maintain my muscle fitness and health? Who can help me find answers to get fit and stay fit?

While searching for a fitness solution, I was delighted to be introduced to Galileo Systems and Training by a dear friend from Adidas who personally uses Galileo Training, and also uses it with their high-performance athletes. After giving it a try, I was amazed at how easy it was to use, how good it felt and how time efficient the training was.

Fast forward a short time and Bob Hamilton and I were in Germany meeting the people behind Galileo vibration therapy, touring Novotec Medical’s manufacturing operation, learning about the more than 100 peer-reviewed studies and visiting consumers, doctors, hospitals, university researchers and attending an international trade show to compare similar technology. After listening to rave reviews and seeing people’s progress after using Galileo, it wasn’t long before we decided it should be available in the United States. To that end, we became the U.S. medical distributor for Galileo.MarGalileoChair2

Today, not only are we enthusiastically stepping up to the challenge of embracing our own fitness to age gracefully, but we’re also supporting others focused on health, muscle fitness and progressive training. We are extremely grateful to the numerous industry leaders and consumers who have joined our team and are incorporating Galileo Training especially Kennedy Kreiger Institute in Baltimore who was the first in line.

Check out what some of our Galileo users are saying on our StimDesigns website under “testimonials,” as well as other useful information on the Galileo concept, research, recovery videos and products.

We’re absolutely thrilled to be a part of the future of muscle fitness training and we’re keen to work with you. Get in touch (link) to start your own Galileo experience, see incredible gains and discuss how Galileo can be incorporated as an innovative muscle tool in your rehab, hospital, gym facility or home.

Get Fit and Stay Fit

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